€100 donation to Amnesty International!

We recently celebrated Friendship Week in our school. Friendship Week was celebrated from 10th-14th February. Our children made posters about ‘Friendship’ and we displayed them in our school.  Our children engaged in SPHE lessons based on friendship in their classes. We encouraged them to make an extra effort to be kind and friendly to each other. Ms. Mulenga organised selling friendship bracelets in our school.The children bought the bracelets for €2 and we donated the money to Amnesty International. We hope to celebrate ‘Friendship Week’ again next year. See the link below for details!


Walk and Talk!

We are doing a 3 week challenge at our school. It is called ‘Walk and Talk’. We will be walking in the Phoenix Park every Monday at 1:30 for the next 3 weeks . Every week, we will try to walk a little further. Yesterday we walked for 3489 steps. Thank you to our children who wore pedometers and counted our steps. Thank you to Seán.R who picked a great name for our 3 week challenge! Walk and Talk!

Walk and Talk!

We started a 3 week challenge in our school yesterday. It is called ‘Walk and Talk’. We will be going for 3 walks in the Phoenix Park every Monday at 1:30. Every week, we will try to walk a little further. Yesterday, we walked 3489 steps. THank you to the children who used their pedometers to count our steps. We are all looking forward to our next walk!

Fundraising for Philippines Typhoon Appeal.



Thank you to all of our parents and those who visited our school yesterday for our Christmas Concert. Our children performed ‘Wise Guys and Starry Skies’ and did a great job! The children and staff also organised both a raffle and a christmas card sale in order to fundraise for the Philippines Typhoon Appeal with Oxfam Ireland. We raised 180 euro! The money will be used to help with emergency responses and long term development projects in the Philippines. Well done everybody!



Active Schools Week – Sponsored Walk

The children participated in a Sponsored Walk to raise some money to buy bicycles for the school. The walk took place on Friday, 3rd of May. The children walked around the Furry Glen in the Phoenix Park. After the walk, there was a football match between staff and children. Much to the children’s surprise, the staff won!! The Sponsored Walk raised €800 altogether. We would like to say a huge thank you to Ms. O’Hare and Paul for organising the walk, a massive thank you to the children for going out and finding sponsors, and an even bigger thank you to those who donated money to the children.