The Phoenix Park Special School

is a special primary school for children aged 4-12. The school caters for children with a diagnosis of severe emotional and behavioural difficulties who are in the low average or above range of intellectual ability.Phoenix Park Special School Logo We are a placement school and provide for children who have the potential to return to mainstream education. Typically, we aim for a placement period of two years but the needs of the child are central to any decision made about the length of time the child spends at the school.

The school is co-educational with a maximum enrolment of 18 pupils. Children are divided into three groups of six. There is a class teacher and one special needs assistant (SNA) assigned to each class. Some children have access to additional support from an SNA. We have two social care workers who run a formal Nurture Group in the school throughout the school day.

We aim to offer a quality learning environment, where staff and pupils feel safe, supported and challenged. We work to remove learning barriers and to motivate pupils through a wide range of learning opportunities, high expectations and a strong ethos of respect.

Mission Statement

The Phoenix Park Special School provides for children with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties that have the potential to return to mainstream school.

We aim to provide a quality learning environment that maximises educational opportunities for the child. We aspire to develop high standards of behaviour in a caring, nurturing and safe environment where all students are provided with experiences that make them feel valued and respected. We believe in nurturing emotional literacy in our students to help them to recognise, understand, handle and appropriately express emotions.

To maximise the potential for progress, the school expects the child’s primary carers and other agencies involved with the child to work with us in a collaborative and co-operative manner and to actively participate in supporting the child during their time in our school.

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